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By Margaret Phalor Barnhart, MEd, Mat

Inspirational Stories of the Visually Challenged Plus Resources


INSPIRATIONAL STORIES include personal experiences of 12 people, all residents of Tucson, AZ.

RESOURCES is a comprehensive detail of organizations, places and definitions of interest to the visually challenged

Best Selling Author

Margaret Phalor Barnhart

A breast cancer survivor
Surviving wife of Charles, blind since age 10
An Ohio Transplant

As a trained and experienced educator and counselor I enjoy listening to individuals and small groups express themselves and find ways to solve or adapt to their life circumstances.

Other Books

Breast Cancer, an Emotional Journey

An excellent resource for the breast cancer patient and all in her community.  This book is the starting point and can be used to begin a conversation.

Personal Encounters With Cancer

This book was conceived when I received an email from long-time friend, Miriam, describing the discovery of “tongue cancer.” In this book you will read her story plus those of five others with six different forms of cancer.

Encuentros Personalales Con Cancer

Las historias relatadas en este libro son verdaderas, y aprecio mucho a aquellos quienes compartieron su experiencia personal con el cáncer. nal con el cáncer.


Margaret Barnhart has produced a book outlining the very personal stories of twelve persons who have had to learn to live with varying degrees of visual disability.  As someone who was married for 24 years to a man who had been blind since the age of 10, she is uniquely qualified to assemble these essays.

– Leonard Joffe, M.D. (S.A.) F.R.C.S. Edlin., a retired Retina Specialist

Do You Know Someone?

Do you know someone who lives with the challenge of limited vision, or blindness, and who needs encouragement?

…Who needs resource information?

If so, this book is for you.

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