Personal Encounters with Cancer

bestselling author Margaret Phalor Barnhart


“Bestselling author, speaker, and breast cancer survivor, Margaret
Phalor Barnhart recently published these three books to help cancer
patients and their family members tap into the therapeutic power of
sharing their stories.” Ralph

My goal in bringing these stories to light is to give the reader an inside look at cancer from different perspectives. No two experiences are the same. No two people with the same diagnosis are the same. A treatment for one may not work for another. Reading these books will expose you to an understanding that hope exists. The number of people living beyond a cancer diagnosis reached nearly 14.5 million in 2014. My breast cancer was treated in 1987 with mastectomy and chemotherapy. I have been cancer free since then. However five of the other people whose stories are included in this book experienced cancer more recently including two with recurrence. Most are free of cancer and living their lives. When it becomes evident that a person will not survive their illness, then it is time to focus on each day and seek the support that is needed. Talk about end-of-life concerns and give family and friends a chance to express their love.